Library Newsletter Autumn 2014

La lettre de la bibliothèque de l’Ecole Jeannine Manuel Library Newsletter Autumn 2014 New library website: New library catalogue: Past library newsletters: Bienvenue au CDI! Welcome to the Library! All students, teachers, and administrative staff at the Ecole Jeannine Manuel are invited to use and check out our books and audiovisual materials, for research or for leisure. We encourage you to get to know our growing collection of classic feature films on DVD, fiction and nonfiction of every stripe in English and French. And don’t hesitate to ask library staff about research strategies, class projects, or recommendations for a next great read. A new Library website and catalogue! We invite you to have a look at our new website and catalogue. We have changed systems and made more library information available on our new web page, with links to our new catalogue, digital resources, recommended reading, student press, library news and events. Check out our re-design, and consider bringing your classes next year for an in-depth look at the new library system and resources. New library website: New library catalogue: Above: A very small selection of new fiction at the CDI. Hundreds of new novels have been catalogued since September; staff and students are encouraged to come find a favourite. Library hours / Horaires CDI (70 rue du Théâtre) Lundi, mardi, jeudi: 8h30 – 17h30 Mercredi, vendredi: 8h30 – 17h00 52 rue Lourmel (1ère/Ter) Lundi - vendredi: 9h – 18h00