Eco-Rom Ambalaje Magazine Issue No.8 May - July 2013 - Page 6

ecoflash First school olympics for packaging collection and recycling: student ecolympics Educational Project Student ECOlympics, conducted between September 2012 and February 2013, has chosen its winners, aer five months of intensive ecological-related activities. ﬔe Eco-Rom Ambalaje idea supported by the Ministry of National Education has brought together 15,600 third and fourth grade students from 161 schools in 23 counties. he Student ECOlympics is a nationwide full process that integrates two components. ﬔe first is the didactic component, which aims at educating students and stimulating their interest in the packaging waste separate collection process as a means of preserving the environment. During this stage, the students studied the manual “Let’s learn how to recycle packaging!” for two months. ﬔe manual, available both in Romanian and in Hungarian, was developed by Eco-Rom Ambalaje and the Ministry of Education and ever since its release in 2009, it was strongly supported by MEP Daciana Sârbu, who is also a member of the European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee. In fact, Sârbu supported the entire Student ECOlympics project: T “I would like to congratulate all participants in the Student ECOlympics, regardless of winning prizes or not; thanks to them we will all have a lot to gain.” ﬔe Student ECOlympics was conducted in selected education units with the help of county school inspectorates in the following cities: Bucharest, Pitești, Ploiești, Slobozia, 67F쉶GV6Vf<&&( 2VGV6F6W&FR6V7FB&V76Ɩrb6vrv7FR( F2&V7B2&RFW7B'BBFW6v6FW7BB2bRv7&VFfRV2bVGV6FrBffrFRWFFR6vrv7FR6W&FR6V7F&6W72( V6&&RvVW&vW"6&7&7FW67R6BFR6FW7N( 2VF'FW'2&RFW6v7B&FW&6&G2t6g&W6&fVVFW"&Br&f"&RFWF2vFwwr6V7FV6VV7Fb&ࠣbvR'&F67FFW67RV&Ɩ2&VF2B6V6FvW