Eco-Rom Ambalaje Magazine Issue No.8 May - July 2013 - Page 2

ecovoice editorial Value, quality, sustainability sorin cristian popescu general manager “I’m too poor to buy cheap,” a Brit would say. And we should have the same way of thinking. It is not through “shortcut” solutions that are superficial and apparently cheaper in the short term that we can ensure sustainability and protection for the environment. ﬔe development of economic systems and companies in general relies heavily on the level of credibility these structures build for themselves in time, by providing high-quality services and products, on meeting all their legal and civic obligations, on the quality of their associated partners and suppliers. It was these principles that lay at the foundation of Eco-Rom Ambalaje’s strategy: providing high-quality services nationwide, services dedicated to packaged product manufacturers, to waste management companies and to citizens. ﬔe added value that Eco-Rom Ambalaje services bring to citizens grows every year. ﬔis is clearly proven, among others, by an extension of warranties offered in meeting the recycling and recovery goals, diversifying the range of services, from development of eco-design and waste generation prevention programs, technical and legislative consultation, all the way to personalized solutions for an efficient management of packaging and packaging waste, as well as the separate collection infrastructure investment program we have been developing over the past six years. Only this way can package recycling turn from a legal obligation into a sustainable action to benefit the environment, the economy and also the citizens, the consumers of packaged products. eco-rom ambalaje wins the european csr awards gold medal lorita constantinescu public relations and communication manager Coordinated by the prestigious organizations CSR Europe and Business in the Community, the European CSR Awards event was organized across Europe by a consortium of 29 CSR national organizations. ﬔe jury, consisting of European specialists in the field and Romanian experts as well, had much appreciation for innovative, sustainable and replicable projects that have a quantifiable impact on business and the society. ﬔe jury made its decisions based on criteria such as innovation, leadership and partnership. Highly innovative and focused on the company’s values of recovering packaging and proposing viable solutions to protect the environment, the education project Green Lab of Recycling and its performance were recognized at European level, by being awarded the gold medal in the European CSR Awards, in the Small and Medium Enterprises category. “While until now, we have been involved in the development of a stable infrastructure in Romania, this time we came up with a coherent educational context in what regards the importance of separate collection of waste. ﬔis award stands as recognition of our efforts to recover packaging and to offer a beneficial educational context in what regards the importance of separate collection services,” Eco-Rom Ambalaje General Manager Sorin Cristian Popescu said. Organized in partnership with the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, the Green Lab of Recycling is actually a trailer that was modified and adjusted for the curious mind of children, being equipped with multimedia tehnology. By participating in the lab’s interactive activities, such as viewing an animation film about selective collection and playing a table team game, children will be able to understand the benefits of the packaging waste separate collection process as well as the importance of recycling for the environment. At the end of every half school year, the class that has the best score in the team game is rewarded with a visit to the recycling plant, where they can watch the process which turns waste into new packaging. In the first half of school year 2012-2013, the Green Lab of Recycling traveled to 25 townships across the country and brought together more than 4,800 students from 52 primary schools. In the second half of the school year, between March and June 2013, the Green Lab of Recycling Caravan will reach another 50 schools around the country and about 5,000 students will participate in its programs. 2