Eco-Rom Ambalaje Magazine Issue No.8 May - July 2013

“NothiNg is lost, everythiNg is traNsformed.” Antoine Lavoisier i may - July 2013 i number 8 the green lab oF recycling wins gold medal p02 p06 First school olympics For packaging collection and recycling SUSTAINABILITY A TURNING POINT IN HUMAN EVOLUTION i Continued on pages 4-5 Cost reduCtioN aNd sustaiNability geNerally have the same goals, but oNly together do they have the desired effeCt. sustaiNability, a fuNdameNtal CriterioN for produCt desigN aNd developmeNt aCtivities, must iNtegrate both eNviroNmeNtal aNd soCio-eCoNomiC aspeCts.