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Her personal style began to catch the eye of those around her and soon she was being asked to shop for and style professional athletes and their families. Kiarra realized she could utilize her talent and life experiences for something bigger. She wanted to take the leap and start her own company and begin helping those around her. She already had a client list she would shop for in Milan and Rome, but she sought to create a platform where she could be inclusive of all budgets and reach men and women from different walks of life. Her goal: to help clients feel good about themselves.

Kiarra says, “People were seeking me out, and I was getting to do what I enjoy. I didn’t quite now how I was going to start my own business, but I new I had to just do it. I had to understand there is no overnight success, and I needed to just keep at it.”

Kiarra is now back home in Indiana, and services her worldwide client list through her website and shares her style on her Instagram feed. Her time is spent getting her children to and from school and activities, traveling with her husband and expanding their trucking business, and of course, scouring the internet and shops for the best finds. She helps clients find their best looks in their own closet, or helps them find the next piece that will elevate their style and boost their confidence for the next red carpet event, interview, party or family photo shoot.

Kiarra recently hosted the red carpet for the largest Gala for minorities in Indianapolis. The “Pardi Gras” Ball was a celebration of a local organization that is rooted in raising funds and awareness for underrepresented causes within the minority community, with an emphasis on creating economic opportunities for future generations.


CGS: What is your styling philosophy?

KLL: “I have a few, but the first and main one is, “If you look good, you feel good.” I know that happiness and self-love start and come from within, but it’s also okay to love looking your best and love what you're wearing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone places with friends and they say “I hate my outfit”, and their mood reflects that. Some days, even when I have nowhere to go, I get dressed. Not Nike leggings and a sweatshirt dressed, (which is super easy to do for running errands) but I get dressed!! Jeans, cute sneakers, favorite bag, and a cool pair of sunglasses, can really make me feel good.

CGS: Who are your fashion inspirations?

KLL: “So fashion is always evolving, and so is my personal style. Every few years I add and take away people from this list. I love Tracee Ellis Ross, Monica Rose, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez for the “sexy” looks. On Instagram I love following Dorit from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Sarah Chapman aka @callmepumpkin, and the Yusufs.”

CGS: What is your favorite fashion advice you have been given or like to give out?

KLL: “Try new things!!”

CGS: What type of clientele do you work with?

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budgets. The majority of my clients are women, but I definitely style men too.”