Eclectic Shades Magazine Los Angeles April 2019 - Page 50

SPRING FORWARD with Kiarra Logan, Personal Stylist

Owner of Kiarra Logan Looks

Author: Christina G. Sato

Photography : Cara Boyer (mother and daughter photo)

Jillian Ryan (color wall photo)

Award season is upon us, and our social media feeds are flooded with Top 10 looks and Best and Worst Dressed lists. As I was catching up with Fashion News on my Instagram feed, I saw a familiar face. My friend and fashionista, Kiarra Logan was hosting a red carpet event in a stunning green dress. Her beauty and fashion sense were on display as she interviewed guests about their gown and suit selections. I had to call her up and see what she was up to. I met Kiarra about nine years ago in Athens, Greece when our husbands worked together. Since then she has become a mother of two, an entrepreneur and a fashion powerhouse. We had a chance to catch up and she graciously shared some photos of her favorite looks for the season and some tips to get our closets and our look ready for Spring. But first, how did Kiarra Logan build KLL Kiarra Logan Looks?

Born and raised in Indiana, Kiarra attended Indiana University Bloomington, and received her degree in Apparel Merchandising and Marketing. She began college intending to become a buyer, but after learning more about the industry and completing an internship in Fashion and Development at Abercrombie Headquarters, her focus began to change. Soon after, Kiarra would embark on an incredible ten-year experience living abroad. She lived in Italy, Israel, Germany, Greece, France, Lithuania, and Spain. Observing different cultures, designers, climates and street style allowed her to expand her fashion knowledge.

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