Eclectic Shades Magazine Los Angeles April 2019 - Page 48

AM: Thank you so much for the kind words.

I learned that applying to other festivals, networking, and making sure you

can explain your story in 30 seconds or less are all key. I mention the 30

seconds because we all have such a short attention span that if you are telling

the story of the film, you need to keep it short, to the point, and

entertaining/interesting. You only have so much time to impress your


Networking, like any other business especially in film, is crucial.

CGS: What advice would you give to someone who has an idea they want to see on


AM: Start writing. There’s a program you can buy that guides you through the

writing process specifically for scripts. It is called Final Draft.

Oh yeah, and copyright your idea. Even something as simple as a “poor man’s

copyright,” which is mailing your idea and script to yourself. Once the Post

Office stamps it and you don’t open your envelope after you grab it from the

mailbox, it now proves that you had the idea first. Once you have the time and

money, seek a lawyer to help you with a stronger copyright.

Another bit of advice before or while you are writing your script; do not tell

anyone about your story. Look at it as if you can’t trust anyone. Even if you are

at dinner with family, someone at a table next to yours might overhear by

eavesdropping, and now your idea and story may be jeopardized. When I first

started my script, I kept what I was doing a secret until it was completely done

and copyrighted.

CGS: What has proved to be the most difficult part of the short film process?

AM: I am finding that since the Holocaust has such a strong focus on the Jewish

people, and rightfully so, that telling the story about Polish Catholics who

make up the 2 nd highest concentration of victims and survivors makes it a

tough story to get attention.

Another difficult part is raising the funds I need in order to take this back out

to Los Angeles. I met with 2 producers out there and they are interested in

making my film, I just need to raise the needed money to begin the initial

stages of production.

CGS: What is the next step for you and “Forgotten”?

AM: Fundraising, networking, and speaking engagements at churches.