Eclectic Shades Magazine Los Angeles April 2019 - Page 42

Donbg is a 38 year old Los Angeles Native

who chose the name "donbg" {which is short for

donnie be good} as a tribute to his grandmother

who instilled in him at a young age to "be Good".

This later became the foundation business motto & entrepreneurial reminder to "Do Good Business & treat people right". Donbg started his journey into the wonderful world of photography

in 2008 after a few classes at Santa Monica City College. Upon moving to Austin, Texas that same year, he became fascinated with the Art Culture in the city & found himself drawn toward capturing his models in the most artistic way possible. He would later refer to the photoshoot with his models as "Art Therapy" sessions. He also began to live by the self-made motto: "You can never be *captured by a photographer, until you are *released by an Artist." Now, back in Los Angeles, donbg continues to allow people the

opportunity to "become the are they crave" & he has no plans on stopping anytime soon