Eclectic Shades Magazine July 2019 - Page 73

inspired and so, my debut EP, “Welcome 2 the Dawn” instantly became the embodiment of the Dawn that Prince spoke of. However, even though this record is very much influenced by Prince that does not necessarily mean it’s going to sound exactly like prince’s albums. It’s his spirit of creativity that motivated me to write and produce for the project I’m releasing. All I ask is that you expect supreme lyricism at its very best.”

An upcoming debut album titled “Welcome II the Night” is in the works and there will be another hit single being introduced as a new lover called “MUVA,” just as his previous lover named Black Rose. As NuSoul dedicates Welcome II the Night to his secret lover MUVA, he will also introduce his new Prince/Malcolm X -esque band, Generation X throughout the upcoming album.

NuSoul, the Poet as an upcoming artist has been charged with a huge responsibility. God gave NuSoul the calling to lead others not just musically, but spiritually. The cause of saving souls and blessing ears is what NuSoul plans to do with his career. He may not save everyone, he may not reach everyone, but those he does reach, he would like to lead them to one thing, and that is, Christ. “We have to remember that the Earth is ruled by demons in high places. “The wicked strut freely when the vilest of men are exalted" - Psalm 12:8.

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Imiko MIller