Eclectic Shades Magazine July 2019 - Page 58

I went on my first so-called mom-cation to Miami. A mom-cation means having an actual break from motherly duties. I decided to see my friend, who's an artist living near Ocean Drive. I figure the beach, palm trees, and girl time would release me from the stress that comes with being a stay at home mom. I had not traveled alone since I was pregnant.

When my husband dropped me off at the airport, old feelings came back to me of when I moved to Europe.

It felt strange to feel the excitement of the unknown. I felt somewhat guilty for leaving my little boy and husband. But I needed to spend some short time away to remember who I am and to appreciate what I have in my life.

When I arrived in Miami, I was excited! The Spanish language was all around. It was hard to believe I was still in the U.S.

When my friend greeted me, I was glad that I had decided to visit her and her world. The palm trees were everywhere beautiful people walking the streets and beach. I was in a big city again and on my own.

The nightlife was wonderful! Salsa music, tropical cocktails, and internationals dancing the night away. The going out scene was the same as always. It was nice to be around my friend, who is becoming a successful artist to learn about who she is in Miami this magic city!

Mom-cation is essential for us moms. Taking a mom-cation can help us moms reset, but also reset how our family sees us. My spouse and child may have a better sense of how much I do and accomplish daily. It's not selfish to make yourself a priority.



Stephanie M. Janssen