Eclectic Shades Magazine July 2019 - Page 55

And again at the 12-week mark. Because we focus on how the body performs specific tasks, the exercises are designed to meet the individuals needs and lifestyle of reMARKably F.I.T.T. members.

This comprehensive FUNctional F.I.T.T. – ness program requires primarily body weight exercises; with the exception of some resistance bands, some light dumbbells, a “let’s rock this,” attitude, and the proper footwear. Also, a camera (a smartphone) to record their videos and upload them to our site once they have mastered any one particular move.

ReMARKably F.I.T.T. was founded on two specific areas lacking in most fitness programs; preventative and restorative fitness training. FUNctional fitness training uses multi-dimensional, multi-joint movements across various planes of movement. The method in and of itself recruits more muscle fibers to work together simultaneously, ultimately torching more fat and calories. The exercises also mimic moves people engage in during their daily lives; climbing stairs, picking up groceries, or holding a child, for example.

We’re also about building a strong foundation. Proper form, proper technique at the right pace are one major key to success in any fitness program. For example, first and foremost, reMARKably F.I.T.T. members must master their core. No sit ups required. No kidding! Each week we will roll out new functional fitness exercises that build on the mastery of the previous moves.

Fitness is a journey, as we know, not a destination, but setting short-term goals (think of it as a week-end road trip), but many get lost along their way because they lack proper navigation. It’s “virtually” impossible for every person to subscribe to the exact same fitness program because everyone has a different body type, different goals, and the amount of time one can commit to their fitness program also plays a huge role. I encourage any “heavy lifter” to just drop in on “week 1.” I will also need to see those videos uploaded to the member profile area of the website. We’re sneaky in a good way. And the mission of reMARKably F.I.T.T. is to provide FUNctional F.I.T.T. – ness training to as many people across the globe as we can. Fitness shouldn’t be a luxury afforded only by only those who don’t mind dropping $20 on a whey protein wheat grass omega 3 quinoa -egg white white-chocolate protein shake sans GMO’s. F.I.T.T. ness is for everybody who has a body, and that’s… well I’m no politician or mathematician, but I’m 100% sure that includes, well, EVERYBODY.

So, join us for “Week 1” rolling out on … when else? April 1st! It’s no Aprils Fool joke on anybody; rather a “na nah nah na na naaaaaaaah,” to January 1, the calendar date. This is Real. Life. Fitness. And what makes it remarkable is the simplicity that lies beneath a complex human body and all it’s remarkable systems, working together in harmony, enabling us to FUNction in and through this world in such a way we don’t just leave it when we go.


It's not about going through the motions.

It’s about #ExperiencingEachMovement.

Literally. Laterally. It’s Straight Forward. It’s “we got chur back.” It’s Virtual. Real. Life. Fitness.

See you April 1!

Leave. Your. MARK.

By: Amy E Lawrence, MFA, ACSM

Owner/Founder reMARKably F.I.T.T.

IG| @remarkablyfitt