Eclectic Shades Magazine July 2019 - Page 51

MW: Quick fixes don’t last! Part of incorporating health & fitness into your life is making sure it’s a priority & that you are going about your nutrition & fitness the right way for your body and lifestyle. Plan ahead. If there is an event you are attending, a summer wedding, or a beach vacation, plan your health & fitness ahead of time. Set your goals and work the plan in advance so you can maintain your success (even after the big events).

CGS: What is a detox plan? Who do you recommend detox plans for?

MW: Detox plans are a great flush of toxins and built up food & waste in your digestive system. Detoxes offer a “fresh start” to your gut & can often times help people shed weight, clear their minds, clear their skin, and give them a great refresh!

I offer a 3 day juice detox which is a great detox for after you’ve indulged in processed foods for a while, came back from vacation, or are simply looking for a beginning flush into healthy eating.

I also offer a 21 day detox which is a mix of clean eating foods and detox juices to help flush your system and get you on the right track to healthy eating.

CGS: What is your favorite exercise routine and where do you workout?

MW: I love a great high intensity interval training {HIIT} circuit. This type of workout mixes cardio, weights, and body weight and really works all parts of the body in a short amount of time.

I workout at home 80% of the time and outside the other 20%. I love to run outside and in the Houston heat it’s great in the summer for sweating! I rarely workout in a gym and if I do, I am usually training a client and just perform my workout after I train them.

CGS: How do you stay motivated to stay active and eat healthy?

MW: I remember where I started. After having my son 4.5 years ago I still have so many goals and changes I want for my body, whenever I get down or discouraged I always remember where and why I started. The goal was to stay healthy, to continue a busy lifestyle without burning out, and to look and feel strong.

I stay motivated because those goals still exist. I still love and want those things & I want them for everyone else as well!

Thank you so much for this opportunity, being able to share my story, my passion, and my love for health in fitness is one of the greatest joys in my life. I hope that everyone gets the chance to look, feel, and live their best lives!

IG: @lifeofabballwife