Eclectic Shades Magazine July 2019 - Page 48

Meet SuntéKami

I’m 23 and I’m a rapper. I’m here to kick the door open for a new lane, a new lane I call “Anime Pop Trap.” Most of my style and music is centered around Anime. I think Anime is getting popular right now but I don’t think the right people are rapping about it. They are dropping a few character names here and there, and it's cool, but it’s not enough. I structure all of my songs like an Anime, from the lyrics, to the sounds in the beat, when you hear a SuntéKami song, I want it to be like an Anime Opening. My first project Manga Vol. 1 is a story from start to finish and it's the first installment to SuntéKami, and if you listen to my latest singles “DDA Freestyle & Viewtiful/letter to shorty” you can here the progression, just like in an Anime or Manga, sort of like Naruto. My second project “Cozy Days And Anime is like a filler for me, where I get to break off and do what I called “Anime Pop Trap”.