Eclectic Shades Magazine July 2019 - Page 32

Chris Clark

Chris: Tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you decide on this career path?

Christopher Ogbonna: I picked up photography as a hobbyist, to take pictures during my travels. Once I learned how bad I was at taking photos, I really wanted to dive in and see how far I could take it. I decided to make it more of a career when I realized how much time/work I was putting into it.

Chris: What does Photography mean to you?

Christopher Ogbonna: Photography is a fun and exciting way to express your creativity. There are so many different ways to capture moments, people and abstract objects the options are as far as your imagination can take you.

Chris: What’s your favorite subject to photograph? Why?

Christopher Ogbonna: I enjoy photographing interesting subjects. Whether that's people, animals or nature; I feel there is so much beauty in this world, to capture such things in it's best light is an amazing feeling.

Chris: How would you describe your photography style?

Christopher Ogbonna: My photography style is very simple, clean and at times elegant. I often times try to capture the emotions of the scene/subject and tell a story in every photography session.

Chris: What is the most challenging part of being a photographer, for you?

Christopher Ogbonna: The most challenging part of being a photographer to me is coming up with the creative concepts and bringing them to life. The technical aspects often times, for me, come naturally with experience - its the creative portion that can be a challenge.

Chris: What is the most rewarding part of being a photographer, for you?

Christopher Ogbonna: One of the most rewarding parts of being a photographer is having a creative vision, and bringing it to fruition. While this is often times challenging for me, I get great satisfaction from seeing a vision come to life.

Chris: Which is your most favorite lens to shoot with? Why?

Christopher Ogbonna: My Favorite Lens to shoot with is the Canon EF 70-200mm 2.8 ii. It gives such range when shooting portraits and the background compression is so smooth.

Chris: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Christopher Ogbonna: In five years I'm hoping my desire to continue learning and practicing photography is burning as strong as it is now.

Photographer: Christopher Ogbonna: