Eclectic Shades Magazine July 2019 - Page 27

My body and soul need to express music! I often wake up with a melody in my head that runs through my day. I’m motivated to write lyrics to give expression to my thoughts; silly thoughts, happy thoughts, sad thoughts… A cathartic release for no reason. I am inspired to paint with words in song from the beauty I see and feel. I want to inspire hope and joy! Putting emotions to a singable melody can shake up the silence inside and let emotions flow more freely. The human condition and struggle for emotional freedom seem to be a thread that is common in all of our lives. We all live and die and have life in between. Why not feel it more deeply?

If you are struggling with anything, start a journal! Not necessarily about your "problem", but to just to free flow with your thoughts. Try it first thing in the morning, before internet or news. Maybe your dreams are speaking to you, maybe you have nothing you want to write about- but just write. Set a timer; 3-5 minutes. You may be surprised what uncovers after a month of writing. You may become a songwriter, inspired by a nugget of what you may have thought was nonsense.

Singing sets off a healing vibration. I can feel a release that feels like peace every time I sing. Sing out and celebrate, y'all!