Eclectic Shades Magazine July 2019 - Page 10

On the Cover…

Faith, Family and Fashion

Model: ES Magazine Editor, Christina G. Sato

Photographer: Paula G. Furió

Location: Rocket Space VLC, by LaurinLab, Valencia, Spain

Floral dress by Ted Baker, Black dress by Zara

Jewelry: Tesoro 1949, Made In Spain

Our very own Editor, Christina G. Sato graces the cover of our issue this month. The

photo shoot was the vision turned reality for the marketing campaign of Tesoro

1949, a Made in Spain Luxury Jewelry Company. The dresses and jewels were rolled

in and the fresh flowers delivered from the local market as the photographer began

testing the natural light from the tall windows. The Spanish sun shone on the antique mosaic floors and white walls creating the backdrop for an elegant and luxurious atmosphere. The photographs would eventually hang in The Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world.

If you ask Christina how it all came about, she smiles and says, “turns out, you don’t have to be sample size to fit into diamonds.”

“When I was 15, a scout in the mall offered me a scholarship to a modeling school. I

was reluctant to accept as I was always the athlete with a wild head of hair and

never saw myself to be anywhere near the models I would see in magazines. With

the encouragement of my parents, I began attending modeling classes on the weekends."

"When it was time to look for work, the head agent looked me up and down. She said, “well, your hips are already too wide for sample size. You are too short for runway, too tall for petite. Maybe, just maybe you could get some print work... and are those your natural curls? Have you ever tried straightening your hair?” I figured then that

modeling was not going to be my life path.... so I went on to study political science. I would later work on Capitol Hill for a U.S. Senator, become President of the National Business Association in my final year at the University of Texas at Austin and then work on a competitive sales team for a professional sports organization. The political and business world brought out a greater inner strength and tenacity in me. The size of my dress and the smoothness of my hair was no longer a concern or a topic of discussion, and I was thankful for that. Those teenage dreams of gracing a magazine cover were long gone. My life focus shifted to my growing family as we adjusted to life in Europe. I improved my Spanish, learned Italian, taught English, and traveled.”

“Almost 20 years after those runway lessons, (and after having three children) I was

approached by the owner of Tesoro 1949 in Spain, Roksana Nabavian, to model for their new ad campaign, which later hung in the largest mall in the world and in shops in Europe and the Middle East. All those hours in modeling school had been good for something. I learned how to deal with rejection. I learned I wasn’t going to be everyone’s idea of beautiful. I learned to walk with confidence. I learned that women come in all shapes and sizes, and that doesn’t determine their worth.”

“Two decades later I know to never say never. Keep shining your light. Keep learning, and someone will notice, and you will be perfect for the job. And when the offer comes, you have to say yes to the opportunity! For me, my identity is rooted in who my Creator says I am. When you have that confidence, you can reject the self doubt and step out in faith. This photograph, like much in our lives, only tells part of the story. Thanks to ES Magazine, for making a teenage cover girl dream a reality."

"The best part of being the Editor for this multicultural and inclusive magazine is that

I get to be a part of sharing the stories, work, music, fashion and art of people who

seek to make a positive difference in our communities. When we celebrate our

differences we can inspire each other and future generations.”