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Our history and our present

School of Economics and Tourism Daruvar is one of the oldest secondary schools in Daruvar with continuous work since 1928 when the two-class trade school was first established.

Today School of economics and tourism Daruvar has over 400 students who are studying for these professions:

• Economist (four-year education)

• Hotel and Tourism Technician (four-year education)

• agricultural technician (four-year education)

• shop assistant (three-year education)

• Chef (three-year education)

• waiter (three-year education)

Our school has been involved in several international projects:

• Comenius - a program for general education

• Leonardo da Vinci - a program for vocational education

• E.S.C.O.T. - Aimed at promoting the thermal spas of Europe

• Since 2003 we hae been members of the International Organization of hospitality and tourism schools AEHT and we regularly participate in its competitions