Ebre Connect Summer 2016 - Page 10

POLITICS All in a flap The Estelada symbolises Catalunya’s fight for independence – and it can cause controversy You’ll see the Estelada displayed all around Catalunya, hanging from balconies, hoisted at the entrances to towns and draped around the shoulders of Barça fans after a good final score. It’s based on the red and yellow bars of the official Catalan flag, the Senyera, with the addition of a blue or sometimes yellow triangle containing a white star, reminiscent of the Cuban flag. In spite of the flag’s ubiquity it is occasionally banned by the Spanish government in Madrid. In the run-up to the municipal elections in May last year, it was forbidden to display the Estelada on public buildings and polling stations in a bid to maintain neutrality. And this year, the government tried to prohibit fans from taking Esteladas to the Copa del Rey final between Barcelona and Sevilla. After a brief war of words during which supporters discussed the possibility of filling the stadium with Scottish flags instead, the ban was overturned by a judge, who cited freedom of expression. 10 Ebre Connect, Summer 2016