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Absorption As you can see, the skin plays a vital role in protecting the body and keeping it healthy. This gives us a greater understanding of how topical application of essential oils can influence our health. Essential oils are a lipid soluble substance, which allows them to penetrate the skin easily. Topical application is an effective way to use essential oils because once the oils are absorbed into the skin, they will remain in the applied area—allowing users achieve benefits in a localized area. While essential oils absorb easily into the skin, you can increase absorption and extend the benefits of the oils by massaging the oil into the skin, or by using a carrier oil that will moisturize the skin as the oil absorbs. So how does it work? We know that the skin has many functions that protect and regulate the rest of the body, and that essential oils can be easily absorbed into the skin, but how does applying essential oils to the skin allow us to experience their benefits? Each essential oil has a unique chemical profile that determines the kind of benefits it provides. Certain essential oils have warming, energizing, or uplifting properties, while other oils have chemical components that make them calming, soothing, cooling, or renewing. When an essential oil is applied topically and absorbed into the skin, the user begins to experience the benefits that the chemical properties of each specific oil have to offer. Because many oils are known for their cleansing and purifying properties, essential oils can be used to promote clean, healthy skin. Some essential oils provide the skin with a warming or cooling sensation, which can help soothe affected areas, or calm the body as a whole. In addition to the benefits that essential oils hold for the skin and the body, applying essential oils topically allows the user to enjoy the aromatic benefits of each oil. After applying an oil topically, the aroma will linger on the skin, and the user can breathe in the aroma for up to a few hours. Even if you are using an essential oil for its topical benefits, you can also experience the relaxing, calming, uplifting, or invigorating aroma as the oil sits on your skin and you breathe it in.