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2 3 CHAPTER How it works Topical use is the direct application of an essential oil to the skin or the body. While aromatic use allows users to enjoy essential oils through the air, and internal use consists of consuming CHAPTER essential oils, topical application is a simple way to experience the power of essential oils— Safety providing significant benefits for the skin and entire body. Scientific background Did you know that the skin is an organ? Just like the liver or the heart, the skin is an organ, and one of the CHAPTER largest organs in the body because of its weight and surface area. As a major organ of the body, the skin has Ideas for topical application many functions including protection, providing a sense of touch, and regulating body temperature. 1 CHAPTER 2 How it works CHAPTER of touch: The skin also helps Why use essential oils Sense topically? us understand our surroundings by CHAPTER Providing protection: One of the most important functions of the skin is that it protects our tissues and other organs. The skin keeps out unwanted or harmful substances, and protects the internal organs from things like radiation or injuries. Safety sending sensory messages to the brain that allow us to sense changes in temperature, pain, pressure, and more. Regulating temperature: A healthy body must remain within a safe temperature range. Through perspiration and blood flow, the skin works to regulate our body temperature to keep it within the optimal range