Ebooks doTERRA eBook Topical Use of Essential Oils - Page 4

The ancient Greeks used thyme for bathing, while S the Egyptians used it as part of the embalming process Known for its many benefits for the skin, S helichrysum was commonly used in ancient Greece Ancient Egyptians often used geranium to help S beautify the skin The ancient Egyptians used dill for its soothing S effects Frankincense was used by the ancient Egyptians S for perfumes and salves to soothe the skin Indian sandalwood has many benefits for the skin, S and was traditionally used by the Egyptians for embalming purposes The Romans and Egyptians fre VVFǒW6V@0pfVFW"f"&Fr&VFB2W&gVPFRVfW2bFRVWV6G&VRvW&RW6VB'0pW7G&Ɩ&&vW2f"6VGW&W2FWvV@7'W6FRVfW2BǒFVF&V7FǒFFP6f"6ƖrVffV7@F&VvWB7F'ח'&2&VVW6VB20pW&gVRf"V&֖rB2VF@&&Ɩ6FW2676v2W6VB2v&֖r0pvFFW6G2bV'2bF7VVFVBW6R0pv6FvB2&VVvǒfVV@f"G2&ƗGF&VGV6R6W&fV7F0GW&rFR֖FFRvW26'6vRv2gFVW6V@0pF6FRFR6