Ebooks doTERRA eBook Essential Oils and Sleep - Page 6

Essential oils containing alcohols that support restful sleep • Oil: Clary Sage Chemical constituent: linalool • Oil: Sandalwood Chemical constituent: santalol • Oil: Lavender Chemical constituent: linalool Ketones Characterized as a chemical group that features an oxygen with a double bond that always occurs somewhere in the middle of a carbon chain, Ketones are frequently found in essential oils. Oils that contain ketones may help improve the appearance of the skin, can support healthy respiratory function*, sometimes promote healthy digestion*, or provide calming properties that are useful for supporting sleep. Ketones with calming properties include the chemicals carvone, camphor, frenchone, and octanone. Essential oils containing ketones with calming properties • Oil: Dill • Oil: Lavender Chemical co 7FGVVC6'fR6V֖667FGVVCg&V6PW7FW'0f&VBvV&V7F67W'2&WGvVV6B6&&Ɩ26BW7FW'2&Rv26V֖6w&WFB&fFW2W76VF2vFf&WGb&VVfG2FR&VVfG2bW7FW'26VFR6֖r&VrB6FrVffV7G2BVrF&VGV6RFRV&6Rb6&V֗6W2B6Frv&֖r6V6FvVƖVBF6ǒFR6֖rB&Vr&W'FW2bW7FW'26RW76VF2vFF26V֖6w&WVgVf"&Fr6VWW76VF26FrW7FW'2vF6֖r&VrB6FrVffV7G2@( "â&6֖P6V֖667FGVVC6'WG6WFFR6זvVFP( "âfVFW ( "â&W&v@6V֖667FGVVCƖǖ6WFFR6V֖667FGVVCƖǖ6WFFP( "â6'6vP6V֖667FGVVCƖǖ6WFFPFW6R7FFVVG2fRB&VVWfVFVB'FRfBBG'VrF֖7G&FF2&GV7B2BFVFVBFFv6RG&VB7W&R"&WfVBF6V6R