Ebooks doTERRA eBook Essential Oils and Fitness - Page 6

Using essential oils to uplift, energize, invigorate, and motivate Essential oils that are naturally uplifting because of their chemical makeup and aroma can be used aromatically to promote energy, vitality, and motivation both before and during physical activity. Many oils are energizing or invigorating by nature, and thus can help to get your mind and body ready for a workout when they are diffused or inhaled. Some oils provide the body with an energizing or stimulating sensation when applied topically that will get the body ready for exercise, or give you a little boost of energizing aroma during a workout. Whether you need a pick-me-up when you are feeling emotionally or physically sluggish, or want a way to keep the body and mind energized throughout your workout, aromatic use of uplifting essential oils can provide an easy, safe way to invigorate the senses. Once you find an invigorating, motivating, or energizing oil (or even combination of oils) that you like, you can incorporate this oil into your fitness routine to give you a boost. The following uplifting essential oils will help provide energy, motivation, and vitality before and during your workout: • Bergamot • Grapefruit • Sandalwood • Cassia • Helichrysum • Siberian Fir • Clove • Lemon • Spearmint • Cypress • Lime • Spikenard • Eucalyptus • Myrrh • Tangerine • Ginger • Peppermint • Wild Orange