Ebooks doTERRA eBook Essential Oils and Fitness - Page 5

WARMING PROPERTIES Essential oils that are warming in nature can be extremely useful for the body. For example, an essential oil with warming properties can be used during your warm up by giving muscles and limbs a loose, flexible feeling. Using warming essential oils when preparing to exercise can help you feel more limber and ready for your workout. COOLING PROPERTIES Essential oils with cooling properties can be useful during your cool down or at the end of a workout. By providing a cooling sensation, these types of essential oils will help soothe the body after strenuous physical activity. Both warming and cooling essential oils can be useful for recovery and rest between workouts because they can soothe and relax. Whether you use warming essential oils for a relaxing massage or cooling oils to put yourself at ease in the locker room, these oils can be an invaluable part of getting your body to rest and relax between workouts. WARMING COOLING -Useful during a warm up -Gives the muscles and limbs a loose, flexible feeling -Can help you feel more limber and ready to workout -Useful for resting and recovery periods between workouts -Useful for massage -Useful during a cool down or post-workout -Provides the body with a cooling sensation -Soothes the body after strenuous activity -Useful for massage EXAMPLES OF ESSENTIAL OILS WITH WARMING PROPERTIES: Black Pepper Cassia Cinnamon Bark Clove Frankincense Wintergreen EXAMPLES OF ESSENTIAL OILS WITH COOLING PROPERTIES: Basil Cardamom Peppermint Deep Blue ®