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How to use essential oils for specific sports and workouts With so many different body types, fitness goals, weight loss methods, and types of workouts, it is unlikely that any two people will have exactly the same workout routine. How, where, and why you work out will have much to do with your own personal wellness goals, your current health status, where you live, your preferences, interests, talents, and more. Thankfully, essential oils are extremely versatile. In addition to the general uses for each oil listed above, the benefits of essential oils are far-reaching and diverse. From the gym, to the court, to your own home, keep reading to learn how to use essential oils for specific sports and types of workouts. Yoga Essential oils are useful before, during, and after yoga practice because of their many benefits for the emotions and body. You can improve your own yoga practice by using essential oils with distinct aromas that create an atmosphere of your choosing. Oils can help reduce anxious feelings, promote feelings of wellbeing and emotional balance, and support feelings of focus, making them extremely useful during several stages of a yoga practice. In addition to mental focus and emotional awareness, clear breathing is an important part of any successful yoga practice, and essential oils can be used to promote feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. • Apply oils topically or diffuse to promote focus: Basil, Douglas Fir, Frankincense, Spearmint • Apply oils to the chest to promote feelings of clear breathing: Cardamom, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Peppermint • Apply oils to the temples to help relax and reduce stress: Frankincense, Lavender, Sandalwood, Spikenard doTERRA ® YOGA MAT SPRAY It is important to clean your yoga mat after each use. Follow the directions below to create your own cleansing yoga mat spray. Ingredients: ¾ cup distilled water ¼ cup alcohol-free witch hazel or white vinegar 5 drops Lavender oil 3 drops Melaleuca oil Here are a few simple ways to use essential oils to enhance your yoga practice: • Diffuse energizing oils for an invigorating practice: Cypress, Lime, Peppermint, Wild Orange 1. Combine all ingredients in glass spray bottle Instructions: Glass spray bottle • Diffuse calming oils for a soothing practice: Bergamot, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Lavender, Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang 2. Shake until combined 3. To use, spray on mat and wipe dry with towel While there are dozens of helpful essential oils to use before, during, and after your yoga practice, avoid using too many different oils at once, as this can overload or confuse the senses. You might consider mixing a few of your favorite oils to create your own unique diffuser blend and enjoy the aroma throughout your practice. Note: Not all yoga mats are treated the same. Spray a test patch on a small part of your mat first to make sure it isn’t adversely affected.