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1 2 3 4 CHAPTER  There are countless products, methods, and trends that promise to help you lose weight, build muscle, or look and feel better with little to no work. The problem is, feeling good does take work— it requires healthy habits like regular exercise, a balanced diet, self-care, and much more. The powerful, natural qualities of essential oils make them useful for supporting a healthy lifestyle. Essential oils can be an extremely useful part of a weekly exercise routine, a healthy diet, and proper self-care, because of their versatile nature. When you incorporate essential oils into your healthy lifestyle, your options for supporting a healthy body (inside and out) are limitless. CHAPTER CHAPTER CHAPTER The importance of exercising and eating healthy While every individual has unique DNA, a different body type, and specific health concerns, it is important for everyone to have some sort of exercise routine, and to fuel their body with proper nutrition. Some people go to the gym every day to get their exercise, while others prefer to play sports or spend time outdoors. Regardless of the way in which you exercise, your body needs physical activity in order to maintain proper health, promote better sleep at night, deal with stress, and much more.      There are countless benefits that come from regular exercise. Eating a nutritious diet will only add to these benefits. Healthy food not only acts as fuel for our bodies, but it can protect the body against health concerns, promote brain function, and help build muscle.     Yes, we all have different bodies, issues, and physical needs, but a healthy lifestyle can often help any person feel better—especially when consistent exercise and healthy eating is employed.      BENEFITS OF EXERCISE 1 CHAPTER 2 BENEFITS OF EATING HEALTHY • Helps maintain proper health • Helps maintain a healthy weight • Promotes better sleep • Promotes heart health • Helps maintain a healthy weight  • Helps defend the body against health issues • Provides an outlet for stress • Provides necessary nutrients to build strong muscles, bones, etc. • Can decrease cravings for unhealthy food • Promotes brain function • Can elevate cognitive function • Can help improve mood      • Can support a longer life span CHAPTER