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Maintaining a healthy diet In addition to focusing on your warm-up, workout, recovery, and rest periods, it is important to fuel and replenish the body with proper nutrients in order to progress and reach your fitness goals. While what you eat might depend on whether you are trying to build muscle, lose weight or maintain your current weight, you will need to provide your body with adequate nutrition before and after exercising. Muscle tissue is broken down during exercise and repaired during rest. Resting is crucial to strengthening the body after a workout; however, you also need to help the body recover by fueling it with useful nutrients. While there are countless benefits to eating a healthy diet, providing your body with adequate nutrients in between workouts can help with the following: •Providing the nutrients that muscles need •Replenishing glycogen storage in order to give you energy for your next workout •Reducing soreness after an intense workout •Restoring normal function to the central nervous system Internal use of essential oils Much like a healthy diet, the internal use of essential oils can help the body in between workouts. In Chapter 2, we discussed how the chemical components of each essential oil give it specific benefits. Many essential oils contain internal benefits that can be useful for promoting a healthy body. Fueling the body When you want to experience the internal benefits of essential oils in addition to a healthy diet, simply find oils that hold the kind of benefits you are looking for, and add that oil to your diet. While essential oils provide a safe and natural way to provide the body with internal benefits, it is important to educate yourself about internal usage of essential oils before incorporating them into your diet. Safe internal usage requires proper dosage and awareness about any sensitivities you might have to specific essential oils. There are many essential oils that can provide the body with internal benefits; however, due to their chemistry, some essential oils should never be used internally—in any amount. Once you have learned how to internally use essential oils safely, it is easy to incorporate them into your healthy lifestyle as you strive to reach specific fitness goals. You can use essential oils internally by placing a few drops of an essential oil in a veggie capsule and swallowing, adding some drops of oil to a glass of water or other beverage, or adding small amounts to add flavor to your food.