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Rest After you’ve done a proper cool down, it is important to rest before your next workout. Your body will be able to perform better after resting. Lack of rest can lead to injuries or overworking the body. Because it will allow you to continue to have safe, effective workouts, rest is an element just as crucial as stretching or hydration. The importance of rest When you exercise, you are breaking down your muscle tissue. The pain or soreness you feel after exercise comes from tiny microtears occurring throughout your tissue. As you rest (and restore your body with proper nutrition), the muscle fibers that were torn during exercise begin to repair. This repairing process, known as hypertrophy, allows the muscles to grow bigger and stronger. As you can see, important processes take place during rest. You need to allow your muscles time to rest in order to repair the microtears that occurred during your workout. Without proper rest, you could end up overworking your body or even damaging muscles or connective tissue by not giving the muscle tissue ample time to restore itself. MICROTEARS: Tiny, microscopic tears in the muscles that occur during exercise. HYPERTROPHY: The tissue repair process that torn muscle fibers go through during resting periods. During this process, muscle tissue repairs itself and grows bigger, stronger, and more resilient.