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Recovery While you might have your own routine for recovering from a workout, or a specific cool down routine that you like to follow, there are a few things that will help your body at the end of a workout so that you can prepare to rest and exercise again the next day. The important elements of recovery include proper cool down and stretching, re-hydrating the body, soothing tight or sore areas, and, if necessary, massage. Cool down Just as a warm up is crucial, taking time for a cool down is a key element to a successful workout. Allowing your body to slow down gradually, while continuing movement of the muscles can help you avoid tightness or stiffness. What you decide to do for your cool down routine will depend on what kind of workout you’ve done, and your personal abilities or needs. Nevertheless, a cool down is important, as it will help you to gradually slow your breathing and heart rate as you prepare for rest. Similar to a pre-workout warm up, essential oils can be useful during the cool down that takes place post-workout. Try using essential oils with cooling properties to help calm the body and soothe the affected areas after exertion. By applying these types of oils topically, you can provide the limbs with a cooling sensation that offers soothing comfort to the muscles and extremities. You can also diffuse essential oils during your cool down or post-workout stretching session to help the body and mind calm down. Diffusing essential oils with a calming or soothing aroma will help you relax and prepare for rest. Hydration Once you’ve finished your workout, you’ll want to restore the water that your body lost through sweating. Again, adding essential oils to your water will give it a little extra flavor, which can be helpful if you have trouble drinking water instead of sugary drinks. Adding essential oils to your water will also allow you to reap any internal benefits of that particular oil. For example, some essential oils provide antioxidant support when taken internally, while other oils can be taken internally to promote healthy digestion or support healthy cardiovascular system function.* By adding essential oils to your water °ε½Τ…Έ•αΑ•Ι₯•Ή”…Ήδ₯ΉΡ•ΙΉ…°)‰•Ή•™₯Ρ́ё…Ёё”½₯±Μ‘…Ω”ΡΌ½™™•ΘΈ(©Q‘•Ν”ΝΡ…Ρ•΅•ΉΡ́‘…Ω”Ή½Π‰••Έ•Ω…±Υ…Ρ•‰δΡ‘”½½…ΉΙ՜‘΅₯Ή₯ΝΡΙ…Ρ₯½ΈΈ)Q‘₯́ΑΙ½‘ՍЁ₯́Ή½Π₯ΉΡ•Ή‘•ΡΌ‘₯…Ή½Ν”°ΡΙ•…Π°ΥΙ”°½ΘΑΙ•Ω•ΉΠ…Ήδ‘₯Ν•…Ν”