Ebooks doTERRA eBook Essential Oils and Fitness - Page 11

Workout Once you have hydrated the body and completed your warm up, you are ready for your workout. There are countless types of workouts, but there are several important elements that all workouts have in common. These include breathing, focus and motivation, and avoiding problems. Using essential oils during your workout can help with all of these elements. Proper breathing While different breathing methods work for different workouts, being able to take clear, deep breaths during a workout is important. When your breathing is limited during a workout, you are not getting enough oxygen (and energy) to your cells and muscles, resulting in decreased performance. Using essential oils that are known to promote clear airways can help you to smoothly and efficiently complete your workout. Consider applying essential oils with properties that promote clear breathing to the chest or neck before a workout. Essential oils can also be applied to the chest to help create an invigorating vapor and promote feelings of open airways. Staying alert and motivated When you are trying to reach specific fitness goals, it is easy to feel sluggish, unmotivated, or tired—especially if you are following a strict or rigorous workout schedule. Keeping your body and mind alert and motivated during a workout will help you complete each workout with accuracy, and get one step closer to reaching your goals. Avoiding injury No matter what type of exercise you enjoy, avoiding injuries is key to a successful and enjoyable workout. As mentioned, massaging warming or soothing essential oils during your warm up can help keep muscles loose. Using essential oils to promote a sense of focus and invigoration will help you concentrate and avoid mistakes. When your body and mind are prepared for a workout, it is easier to avoid problems. Using essential oils to keep the body loose and the mind alert will help anyone have a safe, enjoyable workout. Essential oils with invigorating, energizing, or uplifting aromas can be diffused during a workout, or applied topically to help keep you focused. If you are working out at home, consider placing a diffuser in your workout area and diffusing these types of motivating essential oils. If you are going to the gym, the park, the mountains, or somewhere else for your workout, apply invigorating oils to your skin or clothing before leaving the house to give you a sense of motivation.