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NDIS Pathways Review Explained (cont'd) NDIS Pathways for Providers NDIS Pathway Review Could • Reducing the administrative The Review didn’t just look at burden of using the provider portal Represent Real Change the issues of participants; it also by improving error messages and Despite the initial problems with the evaluated and addressed the notifications, enabling call centre NDIS, with the NDIS Pathways review problems of providers, although staff to see the provider portal, and and update, real change could well many of the problems providers creating a smoother transaction occur. The solutions the NDIA have reported stemmed initially from the between participant and provider outlined have been suggested by issues on the participant side. within the portal. participants, providers and other NDIS providers reported that they wanted: • More consistent information on policies and guidelines • To be able to resolve issues more easily • A reduction in the administrative burden of using the portal • Greater ease in claiming payments • A more straightforward registration process • Help to connect with participants who may require their services • To be notified when important changes occur Key Features of the New Provider Pathway The new provider Pathway will focus on: • Clear policies with coherent and • Making registering as a provider easier by providing clear communication on the process of transition to the National Quality and Safeguards Commission as the new registrar for providers, and implementation could significantly improve the NDIS experience for everyone involved. Of course, its the implementation itself that will be key here; the solutions are meaningless without the systems in place to support to operating within the enact them. However, this review Scheme. really does give hope to participants • Improving the Provider Finder who are using the Scheme that their which will be augmented with situation will improve and they will be business intelligence, and creating better off than ever before. an online marketplace for providers and participants to interact in. Source: www.thesignsoflife.com.au/ ndis-pathways-review-explained/ • Notifying providers when significant changes are going to occur, giving them time to adapt and prepare. Thank you to Alana Roy who published this post on her website on March 6, 2018. The new NDIS Pathways are going to be trialed and tested over the coming months, before being rolled out across the country. During this trial period, the NDIA will continue to liaise with those involved in the consistent information for providers, Scheme to ensure all feedback is including a new website with up-to- taken into consideration. What is date information and an area with and is not working will be looked at frequently asked questions. closely, and improvements will be • Better payment process including stakeholders and as such their made where necessary. improved and more efficient administrative approach to bulk payment requests, clearer processes Contact details t (08) 8252 1000 f (08) 8255 1066 for resolving payment errors, and w ebldisabilityservices.org.au ability to generate more useful e admin@eblds.com.au business reporting from the portal. EBL Disability Services Endeavour House, Module 5, 11 – 15 Fourth Avenue, Mawson Lakes SA 5095 8 EBL QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER