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BOW Adjustability is the tune of the bow industry in 2020. Some bow companies have set trends that others are following, and others are coming up with new technology that is pretty darn cool! The 2020 trends show that bows with a 31” ATA, a 6.5” brace height, with speeds around 340 fps are the most common, and just about every bow company offers a bow with this spec. The last four or five years have shown the trend in technology move to wide limb pockets, robust risers and oversize cams. This technology has proven to be the easiest to tune and keep in tune as well as having no vibration on the shot and a stealthy, quiet release. With this, we have seen overall bow weights rise well into the 4 lb range, which is almost a half a pound heavier than a decade ago. Elite has come out with unique technology that has never been seen before, which even allows the shooter to microtune the bow at the range, no bow press required. These are exciting times for the archer, as bow technology is getting better and better, and bows are staying roughly the same price. So, here we go! MATHEWS MATHEWS VXR 28” AND 31.5” New from Mathews this year is the Mathews VXR. This bow is offered in 28” and 31.5” ATA lengths. The style of the riser hasn’t changed much, but Mathews did machine out more metal this year to lighten the load a bit. The cam is the same from what I can tell, but the 3D dampening ATA 28" has improved slightly this year to make it their most Speed 344 fps stealthy yet. The question is, the 28” or 31.5” bow? The 28” is very similar to the Triax of a couple years Draw lengths 25.5” - 30” ago, which I loved. I shot that bow incredibly at Draw weights 60 – 75-lb limbs distance, and its maneuverability is second to none Brace height 6" in the field. The longer 31.5” is theoretically a more Mass weight 4.4 lbs stable distance-shooting platform because of the MSRP $1,099 longer ATA. However, with Mathews bows, I have found over the years that I can’t tell the difference in accuracy; whether it is a 28” bow or a 32” bow, they just flat out shoot excellent. Do consider, if you have a 30” draw length, the 28” bow is going to result in the most harsh string angle at full draw, which can change your anchor point. If you are 29” (like I am) or shorter, you won’t see much difference in string angle difference. "What separates the VXR from our competitors is the unmatched shooting experience. Meaning, the VXR delivers a perfect balance among speed, accuracy, feel and how it holds. At the heart of the VXR is our new extended bridged riser, which offers the accuracy of a target bow in a super stealthy hunting platform, and with two brace heights, customers can shoot a bow that fits their specific hunting style.” — Caleb Parry – Communications Manager, Mathews 38 Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal