EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 7, Issue 1 - Page 38

EB5 INVESTORS M AGAZINE 36 Right before Guo filed his I-526 application, he was informed by his immigration attorney of cross- chargeability. Guo was surprised to find out he met the criteria. “It just worked out,” Guo said. Guo filed his I-526 application in September 2015 immediately after his graduation. Then he found a company to sponsor him for an H-1B work visa, which allowed him to work as he waited for his EB-5 adjudication. By July 2017, only 22 months after he first embarked on the EB-5 journey, Guo and his wife received their conditional green cards. Currently working and living in Los Angeles, California, Guo and his wife say they enjoy how easy their green cards allow them to return to the U.S. after trips abroad.. “We both travel a lot for work. Now we don’t need to worry about visas anymore,” Guo said. “We just enter the border and don’t need to wait in queues.” In the EB-5 space, investment safety and immigration success are equally important. ” Although Guo was lucky enough to get a work visa, he said being a green card holder gives him more career opportunities and greater flexibility. He is not tied to the employer who sponsored his H-1B, nor is he subject to the strict employ ment rules that apply to H-1B visa holders. Switching jobs for a better wage and a brighter career is also easier. As a permanent resident of the U.S., he now has access to a broader job market. “Having permanent residency is definitely helpful at this moment,” Guo said. Guo’s meticulous market research on EB-5 also paid off. The project he invested in was completed i n 2017, w it h a l l re qu i re d jobs c reate d . Guo i s currently preparing to file his I-829 application t h a t r e m o v e s t h e c o n d i t i o n s o f h i s t w o-y e a r temporary green card. With greater mobility, better career prospects and a promising future in front of him, Guo is satisfied with how his EB-5 journey turned out. “There a re a lot of oppor t u n it ies av a i lable out t here,” Guo said. “We are quite happy w it h t he outcome of our EB-5.”