EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 7, Issue 1 - Page 28

EB5 INVESTORS M AGAZINE 26 Like many potential EB-5 investors, Lo turned to eb5investors.com for information. He contacted the company and discussed his concerns with an adviser who provided suggestions. Lo loves his new location. He likes Austin’s warm weather, Texas’ low ta xes and the area’s highly sought-after school district. He says all this has made his EB-5 efforts worthwhile. In April 2017, Lo made his EB-5 investment in the Virgin Miami Central station project sponsored by Can A m Enter prises. The project is a mi xed- use resident ia l a nd com mercia l comple x above downtown Miami’s train station. Lo sees great career prospects for himself as well. The influx of talent and a booming local economy boost his confidence in having a future in the Lone Star State. According to him, there are abundant opportunities in the local bank ing and financial industries for someone who has highly technical and transferrable skills. CHALLENGES ALONG THE WAY While waiting for his case’s adjudication, Lo said he felt very concerned. The increasing uncertainty in U.S. immigration policies and the tension between China and the U.S. made him anxious. He was worried that a sudden change of rules or an unexpected executive order would jeopardize his application — and his family’s future. Fortunately, Lo’s application was approved, 14 months after his petition was filed. “I’m glad that none of my concerns happened,” Lo said. In May 2019, Lo and his family arrived at their new house in Austin as conditional green card holders. “The U.S. economy is very good now,” Lo said. “There are good opportunities in almost every sector of every industry here. I’m not concerned about getting a job.” Looking back to his immigration journey, Lo feels delighted that he chose the U.S. and participated in EB-5. He is confident that he has prepared his children for a bright future and brought positive changes to his whole family. “EB-5 has really changed my life, my children’s lives and the lives of many future generations,” Lo said. “It is a change for the better.”