EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 7, Issue 1 - Page 26

EB5 INVESTORS M AGAZINE 24 ‘L ife -C hanging ’ EB-5 P rogram P rovides A merican D ream for H ong K ong F amily Danny Lo used the program to bring his wife and children to Texas, where they love having a big house and top-notch education. By Fang Tian, EB5 Investors Magazine Staff T he moment Danny Lo stepped into his new house i n Aust i n, Te xas, t he 42-year-old father knew he had made the best choice for his family. “My k id s h ad ne ver se e n a big hou se l i k e t h i s before,” Lo said. “They were over the moon!” According to Lo, a similar house in his native Hong Kong would cost a fortune. Fortunately, Austin is considerably more affordable, which allows Lo’s two children — ages 7 and 11 — to enjoy spacious bedrooms and the family’s own garden. CONSIDERING HIS OPTIONS He believed it was time to relocate his family. He thought about the U.K., a country he knew first-hand through his 10 years living and studying there. But he wasn’t impressed enough by it. “I know the U.K. very well, but I’ve also traveled to the U.S. many times for work,” Lo said. “It is quite clear to me that the U.S. is better than the U.K. for the future of my children in many aspects.” The standard of living is one of them. “They run around the house all day,” Lo said. “For something very simple, such as sizes of houses, houses in the U.S. are much bigger,” Lo said. What makes Lo feels most relieved, however, is k now ing that his children have access to high- qualit y education. His family lives in a top-tier school district, giving his children some of the best public education the United States has to offer. The ease of integration was another reason Lo favored the U.S. over the U.K. He believed it would be easier for his family to understand and absorb the culture of American society. “This is all because of the EB-5 program,” Lo said. “In general, I think the U.S. is more receptive to immigrants,” Lo said. B or n a n d r a i s e d i n Ho n g K o n g, L o h a s m i x e d feelings about his home cit y, where his parents still live. When Lo and his wife started their family there, they wanted to offer better educational and life opportunities for their children. Lo worried most about the quality of Hong Kong’s education. As an established financial analyst who holds a Ph.D. in mathematical finance, Lo did not feel the quality of schools there lived up to his standards. According to him, education was expensive, but the result was unsatisfactory. What drove his final decision was a visit to a local public school in Austin, where his sister was already living. While watching presentations, Lo got a taste of the kind of education his children could get in a leading U.S. school district. He was impressed by the creativity and practical skills the students demonstrated. “I think that it is something that not many Hong Kong students can do when they graduate,” Lo said. He was determined to give his children education opportunities of the same quality.