EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 7, Issue 1 - Page 24

EB5 INVESTORS M AGAZINE 22 Point (E), which was handled by the EB-5 consulting firm, included a list of several issues regarding specific asser t ions in t he business plan and its supporting documentation. As a result, responding to this set of issues involved revising the business pl a n to c or r e c t ly p or t r a y t he up d ate d pr oje c t circumstances, such as the construction timeline and budget. The revised business plan was included in its entirety as an exhibit. The economic impact report also had to be revised and was included in the response package. W i t h i n t h e r e s p o n s e c o v e r l e t t e r, t h e E B -5 consulting firm worked through each of the issues raised by USCIS one by one, offering clarifications, e x pla nat ions a nd ev idence suppor t i ng each assertion. This evidence included updated schedules, permits and licenses, a letter of intent, business registration documents, a land deed, a developer e qu it y c ont r i but ion le t te r a nd ot he r r e le v a nt documents, all of which were referenced in detail within the cover letter and included as exhibits to the response. BEST PRACTICE #3: SUBMIT THE RESPONSE BY THE DEADLINE Several days before the deadline, the EB-5 consulting firm finished its work drafting the cover letter and compiling the set of exhibits. It then electronically transmitted this material to the investor’s immigration attorney. The attorney had likewise prepared the necessary documentation to address points (A), (B) and (D), and, upon receiving the material from the EB-5 consulting firm, he integrated his work into the document package. The attorney then timely filed the completed response. USCIS accepted the investor’s petition.