EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 7, Issue 1 - Page 8

EB5 INVESTORS M AGAZINE 6 T able of C ontents Volume 7 | Issue 1 OPINION 54 W hy I nternational S tudents in U.S. C olleges S hould C onsider EB-5 59 P ractical A dvice to A void C onsular P rocessing P itfalls for EB-5 I nvestors 65 S trategies for when EB-5 I nvestors E nd U p in R emoval P roceedings 70 I ssues S urrounding S ourcing of EB-5 A dministrative F ees 75 C ommon M isconceptions for EB-5 I nvestors 81 P reparing for EB-5 L itigation : U nique C oncerns for D efendants 85 W hen EB-5 R egional C enters are T erminated , C onsequences C an B e D ire By Marko Issever By Alexander Perez & Yiting "Dora" Hu By Fredrick W. Voigtmann By Stephen P. Pazan By Jeffrey E. Campion By Ron Rohde By Jinhee Wilde EVENT RECAPS 90 EB-5 & U global I mmigration E xpos : D ubai • H o C hi M inh C ity • S hanghai • M umbai 98 I n T he M ix By EB5 Investors Magazine Staff