EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 7, Issue 1 - Page 77

EB5INVESTORS.COM 75 C ommon M isconceptions for EB-5 I nvestors Things to consider before selecting a project and embarking on your investment immigration journey to the United States. By Jeffrey E. Campion W e c a n a l l e nj o y a g r e a t m a g i c s h o w. Whether it is David Copperfield making t he St at ue of L i b e r t y or a n a i r pl a ne d i s app ea r, we love t he i l lu sion s b e c au s e t he y take us to another place, a place where belief and disbelief meet — a fantasy world. And that’s just it. Fantasy is fine when we k now that we are w illingly participating in the stor y. But what happens when common misconceptions for E B-5 i n v e s t or s c h a n g e p e o ple’s l i v e s a n d immigration journeys? MISCONCEPTION 1: ALL EXEMPLARS ARE CREATED EQUAL It wasn’t long ago I heard a project representative say if you are investing in a project with an exemplar approval, there must be something wrong with it because it has been on the market so long. Now,