EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 7, Issue 1 - Page 64

EB5 INVESTORS M AGAZINE 62 PRACTICE POINTERS FOR EB-5 IMMIGRANT VISA RECIPIENTS For those who successfully pass the consular interview are issued an EB-5 immigrant visa to enter the U.S. to begin their life as a lawful permanent resident. When traveling to the U.S. for the first time using the newly issued immigrant visas, the EB-5 principal must seek entry to the U.S. either prior to or at the same time as his or her family members. There are some practical tips so that the process is concluded smoothly. PAY USCIS IMMIGRANT FEE The EB-5 investor and the dependents are advised to pay the USCIS immigrant fee prior to their initial entry into the U.S. using their newly issued EB-5 immigrant v i s a s. 8 USCIS w i l l not pro duce t he cond it ion a l permanent resident card until the immigrant fee is received after the initial entr y w ith the EB-5 immigrant visa. CHECK VALIDITY OF IMMIGRATION MEDICAL EXAM One should take care to enter the U.S. within the validity of the immigrant visa, which is valid for six months from the date of issuance. However, an applicant’s medical exam may cut short the visa validity period if the medical exam expires before the visa does. In practice, each member of the EB-5 investor’s family is advised to consult immigration counsel and make sure to carry a valid medical exam when entering the U.S. A GOOD MAILING ADDRESS FOR DELIVERY OF THE CONDITIONAL GREEN CARD The mailing address provided on the filed Form DS-260 is where USCIS will send the conditional permanent resident card. If the EB-5 investor decides to change the mailing address, the best time to do so is upon the initial entry to the U.S. using the EB-5 immigrant visa. Be sure to provide a reliable mailing address where the EB-5 investor is able to receive mail. Do not volunteer a new address (such as a hotel of other temporary residence) if you do not intend to receive mail there. In practice, it is difficult to resolve a mis-delivery or non-delivery of the conditional permanent resident card with USCIS.