EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2 - Page 67

TOP IMMIGRATION ATTORNEYS to help her clients, which may explain her track record in both I-526 and I-829 filings with only three RFEs on Source of Fu n d o n n u m e r o u s c ase s f il e d since 2007. Wilde only represents the investor side of EB-5 and is independent from any regional centers. She is on the President’s Advisory Council of IIUSA, active in AILA and is a frequent speaker at EB-5 conferences. Wilde received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chicago and J.D. from Loyola University of Chicago School of Law. JINHEE WILDE Principal & Managing Partner Wilde & Associates LLC J inhee Wilde is the principal and managing partner of Wilde & Associates LLC, a boutique law firm focusing on business a n d i nve s t m e n t i m m i g r a ti o n . H e r 3 2 years of legal experience began first as a prosecutor for Chicago and then as the Inspector General designee, special counsel and attorney advisor for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This government experience gives her a government lawyer’s perspective BERNARD WOLFSDORF WHAT DO YOU THINK THE FUTURE OF THE EB-5 INDUSTRY LOOKS LIKE? Congress’ original intent to create jobs and boost economic growth through EB-5 was a positive result of EB-5 that should be preserved. However, there is a risk congress or USCIS may throw the “baby out with the bath water” without implementing much-needed integrity measures and making minor changes to restore EB-5’s original intent to put resources into the rural and hardship urban areas. If some of the existing, preparing project documents, handling complex motions, appeals, removal proceedings and litigation. The firm’s vast experience, together with his own personal immigration experience, provide a unique ability to connect with clients. Wolfsdorf is known for his informative blogs, webinars and public speaking on complex aspects of immigration law. Among many accolades, he has been named "Corporate Immigration Lawyer of the Year” since 2010 by Who’s Who Legal. Best Lawyers/U.S. News and World Report also named him 2018 “Immigration Lawyer of the Year” for Los Angeles. Wolfsdorf is past president of AILA, where he received the "Serv XB^[[H]\ X[Y[\\ܙ[[\\ܙ\HX[Y[\\]ܙ[[ X[Y\ٙ\[ۘ[[[[\][ܚ[[ZKHX\ٝ[H[Y\\PMB\H HYX\Yˈ]XY\و^\Y[KH[H\H]H\\Y\[›وY[H\[Hܛ]\B]][ۜ[[][]\Y[ۘ[[\USHS•HUTHшHPMBSTHRO•HPMHܘ[H\ۙHوH[YX]K[YXX[ܘ[\܈HK˂Xۛ^H[؈ܙX][ۋY\ HYX\Hܘ[HYY]][^][ۋ[[\ܝ[\HYYܜXHY[™\܈YXHܚY[[ۙܙ\[ۘ[[[] L [\܈[Z[Y\ [\ܜ[Z\[Z[Y\[[KYYHٙXH[[Z[[š[X[][[[]\H\HۛB[Y HZ[[ۈPMH[\Y[ ۋBPJKHX^H]HYH^[ۂوPMH[\ܜX\ܙX]YXHYHX[\H]Z[X[]KUSTHSHQRS’SHPMHSTO“ۙH[\Z[[\HZYܘ][ۂY[Y\\[[HP H BڙX]^HHY\[\™Y\[[Z\[ۈ[H][^[šH^HHHHHH\HB\YH[HH[\ܜ]][ۋ]\ܛX[܈Y[Y\XZ]B[Z\[ۜو L ܈[ܙB܈XXPMH[\܈^H[ ›ٝ[PMH[\ܜ\H]\HقH[[ZX]Y[\Y\[BY\Z[ZY [\ܜٝ[[HXܚXHHڙX[\BH]Y\][HHY[܈BY[ۘ[[\ˈ[\X\K›ۙH\X[XHۛHH[\܂]][HۙX HYZ]Y[X[KZ][\ܜ›YYH][ۈ[HڙXZ[˜ܙX]HYXY[؜YH\[\[\˜^[ۙH[\ܸ&\۝ ۙܙ\œ[Xۚ^HH[Y][ݚYB][ۜ܈\[و[\ܜ˜[Z]Y\][[]\Z]YX\XH\[Z\[[Y[[] USTHSHQRS’SHPMHSTO•H[\H\X]\[[][]][ۘ[[[X[[][\[]Y\]B[\YHY[\\[[]XYYYܜܘ]H\X[HX\\XݚYH]\X[ۈ܈[\ܜ˂\X\][\H[و\Y[\H[\KHYH[ܙX\Y]\YX][ۈ][\ܜH[XKY]^[ \^H[\\\[Y\\Hܘ[H\XZ[š[ܙX\[H[\ܛYKڙXٙ\[\H[\ݚ[[]X[]H[H[\\وH[\܈\H]\XY ]\H[\B[X\]H]HZ[[][H[\Y[[[[[[ܙX\HX[X[BݚY[H[وܝ[]H܂\Z[[\ܜ˂PRSTԔːB