EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2 - Page 56

TOP IMMIGRATION ATTORNEYS the last 5 years, he has actively worked to develop the Indian and Gulf countries’ EB-5 markets, frequently traveling and making presentations to audiences in those regions, and he now represents a sizeable portion of the Indian EB-5 market. Kapuria is fluent in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Hausa. Prior to entering the legal profession, he worked as an economist and fund manager where he, with a team of analysts, created and analyzed predictive fund models for a NGO’s portfolio. ROHIT K APURIA Attorney at Law Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP R ohit Kapuria is an at torney at Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP. He regularly represents EB-5 lenders, borrowers, banks, regional centers, real estate developers and migration brokers. Uniquely, Kapuria’s legal practice is a dual hybrid of corporate securities and EB-5 immigration. He has worked on over 350 EB-5 transactions, with a combined capital development cost in excess of $6 billion. Over WHAT DO YOU THINK THE FUTURE OF THE EB-5 INDUSTRY LOOKS LIKE? There has and will continue to be some level of consolidation in the marketplace following a steady explosion of interest in EB-5 over the past few years. Compliance and integrity are two key issues that are increasingly getting airtime and require practical solutions to reform some of the problems we are witnessing. I have worked to develop several compliance services, a principal component of which is EB-5 loan compliance. There is an inherent need to ensure that the EB-5 loans are entrepreneurial visas, and is a member of the firm’s Worldwide Investor Group. She has served as a member of U4( 2VFF&6֗GFVRBw&FW2B&W6VG0WFV6fVǒT"R&VFVB77VW2& Frg&vV&WB6W'fV@2767FBF7G&7B6V6VB7FpFWWGF7G&7B6V6Vf"FR֖w&FbGW&ƗF6W'f6RWr&F7G&7BtBDRD䰥DReUEU$RbDRT"PEU5E%2ĔS$4$U@'FW g&vVv&GvFP&6&WB2'FW"Bg&vVv&GvFRB7V6ƗW26'&FRFfGVB6W֖w&FGFW'2आW"&V2b7V6G6VFRGf6r6ƖVG0vF&W7V7BFFRT"RfW7F"f6BFW VG&W&VWW&f6F27&֖@F֗76&ƗGw&VG2VW"67F0BӒ6Ɩ6R&WBVG2FVЧFB7V6ƗW2T"R֖w&BfW7F"@SPT#RdU5D%2tPvVBƖRF6VRw&VFW"667FV7@Vff6V7T"RFVF6F2fW&Bf7FW"&WfWrbS#bB#WFF2गB2'FBBF6R6vBbFPfVRFBF2&w&ffW'2FW&2`V6֖2FWfVVB&FW"F&V6WFFfRvFFW"v&fW7FV@&w&2fW7F'2VVBF6VRFRƖvB@FRVBbFRGVVBf7FW"&6W76pFW2&RV6W76'F2&Vv&B@vVB6&RFVF6VR67W'&V@fƖrbS#bWFF2BFW7FVB`7FGW2Ɩ6F22vV2&&GFFR&WFVFBvRWB&FV7F2f fW7F'2BFV"f֖ǒV&W'2&W&ǒVFW'w&GFVBFRFW&2bFPw&VVVG26ǒvFFR&vFVBF666VBFT"RfW7F'2tDBRtUBddTBDRT"REU5E%Bv27GVǒ'V7F6Rv0F&V7FVBFVWFrvF&6fWrV'2&6&V6W6RfRw&GVFPFVw&VRFVF6V6֖726VvvVBRV&W"bVW7F2$2BVFFBBv2Bv&RbFRW&VB'F6PFRV6֖27BǗ620vFFR&Vv6VFW"7G'V7GW&RF07&76fW"&WGvVVG&67Fr֖w&FrBV6֖72@RVBB6&VvגW&WFRT"Rv&BvRגw&wF@vVFvRF276RF6@&RfVG7FRtDBRtUBddTBDRT"REU5E%T"R2G֖2B6VvrfV@B&fFW2FffW&VBW'7V7FfRFW&2b&W&W6VFrvWBv'FFfGV2FR'W6W72֖w&F6FWBW"wW'2Vv&rT"RGFW'2BFW&7FrvFFPW'2FRGW7G'fW&B2W6FrFRFv&F2&VtBE$TE2$RR4TTpDRT"REU5E%FRG&VB6VV2F&RFv&BV6&RFfW'6fVBfW7FVBBFvRfR&VG6VV6gBT"PFW&W7BFfW7F"&WG2WG6FPb6FFFFRT"RGW7G'fW&2&V6R&R6ƖB@6Vb&VwVFr