EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2 - Page 35

important piece of advice is something a lot of potential investors don’t always remember: The regional center and the immigration attorney are two separate entities. The regional center is responsible for handling your investment, tracking the creation of jobs, providing all necessary project documentation for an investor’s I-526 and I-829 petitions, and monitoring the status of each EB-5 investor until they receive their permanent residence and return of capital. WHAT BENEFITS AND CHALLENGES DO YOU THINK INDIAN EB-5 INVESTORS ARE FACED WITH? The immigration attorney represents your interests throughout the entire process and guides you through the preparation of your source of funds documentation, helps plan a comprehensive immigration strategy, and reviews your immigration history and any issues of inadmissibility. If the project you select were to fail, your immigration attorney would be the first one to approach to help get your investment back. Challenges: Lack of awareness in India is a big challenge. Not a lot of people know about the EB-5 program and those who do, don’t know a lot about the basics of the program. Also, a lot of Indian investors don’t realize that the main goal of an EB-5 investment is to receive a green card, rather than to earn a high return. The return on investment is a path to legal immigration to the United States and investors should focus on which project has lower risk factors rather than which projects have better yield. WHAT IS THE MOST UNFORGETTABLE MEM ԖHHSTPHTVO’x&Y]H^H[^H]ܛ^H[YYH]H]Y[YH]^HKML]][ۈ\\ݙY H\™^X[Z][\ N[۝]X\[]]\\ݙYX\HXYHYHX]X˸+’SHSRSSPHSTԈSԒSSBPMHQSSSQUSHSSTQS’H[Y[X\X[H\[YK][[^HY\܈؈[\Y][]][\Hٙ\8$˜[YH][ZXY \[وH[YHX]\BHY&]]H\X[[]\˂]XYHYHY[\\[Y[XYHYHX^Bٙ\[ۘ[[] ]YHH[HXZHBX\[ۈ\H܈HܙY[\YHPMBܘ[H[][ۙ\Y\H]\HH[Y[\ X]\HH[YH[YHYB\\[X[[\ܜH[[H[\]^H][H[Z\Y [HYY]Y[H[^\[\YH[HH[YH[و[Y[HHY[XZ[^B[\Y[[H\[^H^\Y[\][BHH[[HXZHZ\X\[ۈۈ\Hš[\ HH\\\Y[[XY][Z\[و[[ZYܘ][H[]Y]\˸+[Y]Έ[ZH[\H]^[\H\X›܈Z][[YH܈[X[]^[ˈ[X[[Z[Y\š]H[[[YH[HKˋ[[Y]H[\]HZ][ۈ][XX[]\]Y\˂UQPHSHUHԂSHSSSRQԐUBHSUQUT“ݙ\H\]YX\H]HYHXܛH\و[H\[[ZYܘ]HHKˈۈ LK‘KL LP\\ˈ[HH\H[ۜ[\X[B\[[H\\[HH[]Y]\^H]\[Y[X\]^H\H[ۋZ[[ZYܘ[\\[\]Z\H[][]\H]YX\XZY\]Z\BY][ۘ[[\Y[܈[][ۈ]ˈXX[][\X][ۈ\Y\]ۈ\و[X[\X\HPMH X\[[[ZYܘ[\JH\›XZ[\X][ۈ[HܚY[[KML]][ۈ[HKN H]][ۈ[[ݙHۙ][ۜ˂H\[H[[Z[[X[[\ܜ\]Y[[ۙH]^\^H[8'X\[Yx'H[\[\Y[Xˈ\\YZ[HY[][ۜ[H\H\]Z[HPMHܘ[KHZY[[\œ]HHTT]H][\ܜ8']\]Z\\][]\'H[]8&\[\ܝ[[Y[X\][[X[HڙX ^HYXO[HڙX]Z[[Z^\H\X܂\]X\XK܈^[\KX[HڙX]H8'[[[[8'H8'\]Z]K[[[8'H\[\ܝ[›YK[\HX]\H\[[\܋Hۛ][H[[H[\Y[8&\[H[[Z[وH^]\B]\Y[Y [ܝ [\Y]ܚXZ˜\X[H ]X[YYY H[H\XH[ܚ]Y[\\[][ۈX^[Z^H[\[\›وXY][HX\ٝ[]YKPRSTԔːB