EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2 - Page 33

E B-5 Investor Ishaan Khanna of India wants to share his EB-5 journey to help other investors make smart investment and immigration decisions. “I always encourage them to do the same kind of diligence I did when making my investment and by sharing my experiences with them I hope to help them make their decision on where to invest,” he said. “I’d like to continue to aid other Indian nationals toward permanent residency in the United States.” However, once Khanna, who has a degree in Information Systems, receives his green card, he hopes to eventually start working in the tech industry and one day open his own Silicon Valley startup, he said. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO USE THE EB-5 PROGRAM TO IMMIGRATE TO THE UNITED STATES? I was on an F1 visa studying at a university in Los Angeles, CA. Around my Junior/Senior year, I realized how much the U.S. had to offer for someone like me and the professional opportunities I would have access to rather than in India. I was majoring in Information Systems at the time and I had just finished an internship with a tech company. Keeping this in mind, I began to research all my immigration options. At one point, attorneys from Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP came to my university and gave a presentation on visa options available to students after graduation. This was the first time I heard of EB-5 and when I realized that the H1-B wasn’t the only option for someone like me, I began to consider the program. WHAT DID YOU CHOOSE TO INVEST IN AND WHERE ARE YOU IN YOUR EB-5 PROCESS TO GET A GREEN CARD? With regards to the EB-5, I spent almost a year researching different projects and regional centers. I finally settled on the Four Seasons project from EB-5 United. I liked the fact that they had a strong track record with getting EB-5 approvals and were working with experienced real estate developers, who had over 17 years of experience and $16 billion of completed real estate deals. The other thing I really liked was that EB-5 investors for this project were secured with a First Deed of Trust which meant that not only would the investors be first in line to be repaid but also, even if the project were to fail, as lenders we can recover the value of the collateral for the loan much more quickly. My investment was EB5INVESTORS.COM 32