EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2 - Page 31

WHAT IS THE MOST UNFORGETTABLE MEMORY FROM YOUR EB5 JOURNEY? We switched investment project during our honeymoon in Hawaii! I had made the investment decision and was in the process of securing documents for proof of source of fund, then during our honeymoon, I thought, wouldn’t it speed things up if we can find a project that already has I-526 approvals? So, I talked to the regional center, and luckily, there was one! I vividly remember that because of the time difference in Hawaii, we were replying to emails in the early morning. It was a very interesting experience. HOW DO YOU THINK BEING BOTH AN EB5 INVESTOR AND AN IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY WILL BENEFIT YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS? As an immigration attorney, I understand the relevant law governing the EB-5 program, the legal risks associated EB-5 cases, and of course the procedures. As an EB-5 investor, I understand the concerns from an investor’s stand point. As a Chinese investor, I have personal experience with regards to getting evidence of source of funds from local authorities, transferring funds out of the country and documenting each transaction. I think being an EB-5 investor myself, clients will have more confidence in my representation, and my personal EB-5 experience enables me to better represent my clients. HOW HAS THE RETROGRESSION AND WAIT TIME IMPACTED YOU? My I-526 was approved and I am still waiting in line to adjust status. My hope initially was that I would be able to benefit from the program upon graduation from law school, so that I don’t have to seek a H-1B job, which is subject to the quota. Because of the retrogression, this didn’t happen, but luckily both my husband and I were able to find jobs and get our H-1Bs. That said, I don’t regret making the investment because we will still obtain our legal permanent residency sooner using the EB-5 program than going through the PERM and EB-2, which is an employer sponsored green card. EB5INVESTORS.COM 30