EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2 - Page 17

Brazilian EB-5 Investors Rise to Largest Group of Contributors Outside Southeast Asia Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest source of EB-5 investors, pouring $79 million into EB-5 projects while receiving 150 visas last year. By EB5 Investors Magazine Staff A s a tenured professor at a well-regarded public university, 44-year- old Erika Nogueira de Andrade Stupiello never planned on leaving Brazil — but thanks to her son Bruno’s love of airplanes, she’s now reconsidering her options. After the 15-year-old set his heart on a career in aviation, it became clear he would need to study in the U.S. in order to achieve his dreams. That’s why last April, Stupiello and her husband, an ethanol industry executive, invested $500,000 in the Surf Club Four Seasons Hotel & Residences development in Miami Beach, and filed the paperwork to begin an EB-5 application. “We’re doing this for him,” Stupiello says. “It’s like giving him his inheritance ahead of time.” Bruno is already in Florida, completing high school on an F1 visa, Stupiello explains. Getting a green card will allow him to win scholarships, attend college in the U.S., and perhaps one day join the US Air Force. It also means Stupiello won’t have to fret about him leaving their home in São José do Rio Preto, a peaceful provincial city, to study in one of Brazil's more dangerous major cities. “He’ll be able to study in a good city and be safe, instead of studying in a big city in Brazil, where I’d be very worried about violence,” Stupiello explains. Such stories are increasingly common in Brazil, where awareness of the EB-5 program has increased sharply in recent years. Between 1990 and 2007, only 14 Brazilian investors received EB-5 visas, according to an IIUSA report. Now, however, Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest source of EB-5 investors, and the biggest contributor outside southeast Asia. In fiscal 2016 alone, Brazilians poured $79 million into EB-5 projects, and received 150 visas, according to State Department data, a more than fourfold increase than the previous year. EB5INVESTORS.COM 16