EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2 - Page 161

of the Global Immigration Practice at Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz P.C., agreed about the positive impact. "EB5 Investor conferences have been super productive,” he said. “Key players meet to build consensus on legislative advocacy, smart people share knowledge and experience about the latest developments and innovative new product offerings emerge. Providers from every angle find ways to do business with each other and people make friends and solidify existing friendships.” William Dean, Vice president of Immigration for Masterplans. com, described it as a “tremendous conference.” “The entire event far surpassed my expectation 8$]\H\Y [ [ܘ\]YYZ\[Y][Y[ܝ]\B[K8'HHZY H]\^XYX][[ۋ\XX[H\H\ B[YH][YK'Hۘ[8+\ٸ+\+[[ZYܘ][ۂ]\\[YH۝[[ۈ\[X[܂PMHٙ\[ۘ[˸+Ȑ\[^\\+PH[\ܜ“XY^[x+۝[[ۈ\H\][Y [X[]Hۙ\[H[HPMH[\KHZY ]\H]\܈PMH]ܚ[ˈ+][[[\\[YK\\]Z[\X^Y\YܙYY 8'PH[\ܜ˜ۙ\[\]HXYH8']\][8'H][܈BPMH[\K8'HHZY ^H\H[ZY\[Y\܈]ܚ[[X\[˜X]H]\H^\Y[Y^\ˈ܈\^][ X\H[\[[Z[[PMBٙ\[ۘ[]H N\Y\PMH [\Y[[[ZYܘ][ۈ۝[[۸+ۈ[ L N ][Y[”\ܝ \[[\Y\˸+‘PRSTԔːH M