EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2 - Page 154

HOW CAN SOMEONE BEST PARTNER WITH A BROKER-DEALER? HOW CAN IT BENEFIT THE EB-5 INDUSTRY? Broker dealers serve as an agent to help the “new commercial enterprise” raise capital in compliance with US securities laws. Broker dealers will advise on marketable investment structures that are also suitable for investors, so it is best to get a broker dealer involved early in the process before the structure and offering documents are final. Broker dealers have a trusted place in the securities industry to maintain the integrity of financial markets, which will benefit investors and the industry by ensuring compliance, which will reduce the opportunity for fraud to ensure the long-term health of the industry. WHAT’S THE PLAN FOR FUTURE EXPANSIONS? Constant change is one thing that is certain. With changing global conditions and pending EB-5 legislation, our future expansion plans include refining our services to meet the “integrity measures” that will come to regional centers, and to leverage the Baker Tilly International network to respond to geopolitical events that may spark demand for EB-5 in countries not presently served by the market. Further down the road, our plans include forming a private equity fund to bridge EB-5 capital raises. 153 EB5 INVESTORS M AGAZINE