EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2 - Page 148

Immigration has a tremendous influence on our nation’s prosperity and more must be done to elevate the value and contributions of immigrants to the success of our country. WHY DID YOU WANT TO BECOME AN IMMIGRATION LAWYER? My family came to the U.S. from Guatemala in the early 1980’s. We went through the complex and intimidating immigration process. Although I was very young at the time, when I had the opportunity to read our immigration file and learn what my parents went through to secure our safety in this country, I felt not only fortunate, but also obligated. My obligation is to help others and to give back to all those immigrants who continue to come to the United States to seek refuge, employment or innovative opportunities for research and investments. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE EB-5 PROGRAM, RETROGRESSION AND THE LAWYER’S ROLE? The EB-5 program is an important part of our immigration system that has contributed to overall U.S. economic g  ܙX]Y؜܈Kˈܚ\[[][]Y[XۛZY\Y\][[\Y[ +[ܝ[][KB\[[Y[و\\Hܘ[H\[YXY[[\ܙX]YYۚYX[[^\[HX[]HوX[B[\ܜ[\H[]Y]\[\\]Z\Y[HY\YY܈Z[\Y XܙX]\Y][ۘ[\܈[\ܜ˸+ЙX]\HH[وH[\Y[\ۙ\H[ܙX\Y\[H]X]YHX]H]\ۈ[\Y[HH][Y\X[[\\HH[\܈X^HH\[[\ۈBX\وY][ۘ[ڙXۛۈH[\܂]H[YH^HXYHZ\[\Y[X\[ۋ\]ܛ^\H]\۝[YHY]H܂[\ܜH[\[]YH[]X[[\Y[]\\[]]\[\H ]H][YX\B[H\]Z\]H؜\HܙX]YHH[]X[PMBڙX Y\[و[\Y[[H\]Z\Y ]8&\RSx&\Y]]TT&\Y[][ۘ[B܈Y\[\YۈH8']\'H[\Y[\]Z\[Y[\[[ YTT\[XBX\ۜ܈\]Z\[Z[\Y[ ][\X[]B]X\ۚ[[[[Z[]HH[[Y[و\˂[\ܜ]H[XYHXYHۙH]\[\Y[[]\٘X[ۈوH]]N^H[H[[^YHH\HXH[\[\X[\ˈ[Y][ۋYHXۚ^H][\[\^HBPMHܘ[HX^HHX\\KH[۝[YB\܈\X[[X]]ܚ^][ۈوHPMBY[ۘ[[\ܘ[KM PHSTԔHQVS