EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2 - Page 135

investors can now count children aged up to 30 as their dependents for the purposes of their application, potentially making the program more attractive to investors with children in graduate school. Parents aged over 55 "...296 applications in the first three quarters of 2017..." can also be included as dependents at no additional cost. “Grenada is very much a family-oriented program,” Emmett says. “It’s in line with the way adult dependents are relying on their parents these days.” CBI officials also recently announced that investors rejected by other Caribbean CBI programs would be automatically ineligible for Grenada’s program. That was already how the program worked in practice, Emmett says, but the official declaration is part of the government’s push to boost transparency and reinforce the program’s reputation for diligent oversight. The reduced cost for individual investors shouldn't be taken as a sign that further price reductions are in the pipeline, despite sharp cuts to CBI minimum investments in Antigua and St. Lucia in recent months, Newfield says. “The prime minister is categorically against discounting the prices — he doesn’t want to get into a price war,” Newfield says. “He feels that the program, on its merits and with these enhancements, will be a premium offering.” The bottom line, Newfield adds, is that the Grenadian CBI program has now proven its value and its viability, and the government is working to ensure it remains a premium offering in the Caribbean CBI space. That will include efforts to win visa- free travel to additional countries for citizens — the country recently secured visa-free status for travel to Russia and the United Arab Emirates — and continuing efforts to ensure that only reputable applicants are granted citizenship. “The government is looking right now at how to enhance the program,” Newfield says. “Now that it’s gaining momentum, the government really does see the opportunity of what this could become for Grenada.” EB5INVESTORS.COM 134