EB5 Investors Magazine (English Edition) Volume 5, Issue 1 - Page 83

past transgressions or present danger. Broadly, the categories relate to public health risks, security risks and past offenses. The categories are health; criminal; security threats, such as terrorism, members of the totalitarian party or involvement with the Nazi; public charge, like indigence; labor certification and credentials, such as where credential are a prerequisite for the visa classification; illegal entrants and immigration violators; documentation problems; ineligible for citizenship; aliens previously removed; and miscellaneous reasons, including practicing polygamists, child abductors, unlawful voters and former U.S. citizens who renounced citizenship to avoid taxation. All visa applicants must document that they have been vaccinated against certain diseases, including mumps, measles and polio among others. Failure to provide proof of vaccination will result in visa denial. Communicable diseases of public health significance, such as tuberculosis, leprosy, gonorrhea and syphilis among others will also render an individual inadmissible to the United States as a Class A medical condition. "To overcome a criminal inadmissibility, an immigrant visa applicant has two limited options: contest the finding or seek a waiver." Among the ten categories, the ones that seem more likely to impact EB-5 applicants would be those relating to health, criminal records and immigration status violations and prior removals. These inadmissibilities may be temporary, time-limited or permanent. For example, health-related inadmissibilities, relating to a medical condition of public health concern, will typically be resolved by a finding that the condition no longer presents a problem. Similarly, provisions relating to 8'[Y[][\B[[ݙY 8'HX[Y\H]Hݙ\^YY[]]ܚ^Y^H[HT\H[H[Z]Y\[›و  K L܈ YX\Y\XH^YX[]B[\\ˈH[\[\\\و[YZ\X[]H\BH]۸&]]^K[Y[[وHX\]H[ܚ[Z[[ܛ[\[\[܈Z\ܙ\\[][ۈ•T[[ZYܘ][ۈٙXX[˂[[YZ\X[]Y\[HZ]Y܈ۋZ[[ZYܘ[]Z]\܈[[ZYܘ[\H[Z]Y H[ [Y[X\PMH\[[[ZYܘ[\K]8&\ZHH]HYYKPS TSUQSQRTPSUQT[[[ZYܘ[]\XZ]H[YYX[^[Z[][ۈHH\XX[[\۝X]HK˂ݙ\Y[ ܈ݙ\X\\H\[]8&\[YHH\Yۘ]Y[[\XX[[܈Y\Y[و]\][HT]8&\ۙHHH\Yۘ]Y][\[ۋ[\ZY[HHH[\܈\X\B۝ HH\Yۘ]Y\XX[]\\\B\H\X[8&\\X[[Y[[X[ [Z[\KH[[]H\B\X[\[HY\™HH\X[܈Y[[\ܙ\]X^H\[H\و\H[H܂\H[[HXXH\HYYX[[[˂\\\X[\HYۘ[[\\[][X[[™][ٙ[\܈ٙ[\\HY܈[YXYYY[ ZHH\Y܈\H[XYKԒSRSSSQRTPSUQT\Z[ܚ[Z[[ٙ[\[[\[[]YX[[YZ\XH܈YK\H[YH۝YX[B[][ۜܚ[Y\[[[ܘ[\]YK][\B۝X[ۜ][YܙY]H[[Hوۙ[[Y[]HYX\܈[ܙK]][ۋ[Y[]Y[[[ۙ^H][\[˰BHۘ\و8'ܚ[Y\[[[ܘ[\]Yx'H SUB\ۙ\[][܈Y[ٙ\[ۘ[ˈ[[Y[[K\\Y[HY\H\Z[][و\[\[[\܈\]]H\X]Y]Hܚ[YH HB\Y[ [X\]H][\\H܈Y]Y \B\HSU\\]H\[H[XZ[]Y HZY[œ[\H\]\[\[X[[[Y[وHܚ[YB\]Z\\ۛYHوܛۙٝ[\ H[[ [Bܚ[YH\]Z\\XYX[[[Z][X ][Z[HHY[YYHSU YۚYX[K[YZ\X[]H܈SU[۝YX[Hٙ[\[H\Y\ۈB۝X[ۋ][ۈ[ٙXX[YZ\[ۈوZ[ XYZ\[ۜ]\H[\] H\YۈB]]H[\ۘ[][Y[\X\HSU HXYH][[\[[وH[[Y[وBܚ[YK[YH[HXX[[[Y[]ۜ]]HBܚ[YH[H^X] [\]Z][[[]X[YYY [YZ\X[]H\YۈXYZ\[ۜ\YB]Z]H\K][H\]YX\H]HY[BYۚYX[[ܙX\H[X[[[Y[H M[H[H]H\\Y[8&\XH[][‘PRSTԔːB